Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lack of Memory

I used to be able to remember many things. I could recall birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions easily instead of looking to the calendar to see what month it was. One day I was visiting a friend and she had a whiteboard calendar on her kitchen wall. She had marked down her husband's schedule, her kid's activities, birthdays, and appointments. This looked like the perfect solution to my failing memory. So I went to the store and bought an inexpensive white board calendar. I had some extra space so I also added a cork board and a blank whiteboard. At the time we were renovating our home so our cabinet maker put a frame on all three boards too. Total cost of the project $30.00.

I assigned each girl a color and then marked all of the their piano lessons, gymnastics classes, birthday parties, and dance lessons with the kids coordinating color of either red, green, or blue. Now at a glance my kids can look at the month and see what they have going on. My calendar has truly become my place of peace and I no longer have that nagging feeling that I am forgetting something. When someone calls to let me know about book club, or baby shower it goes on the calendar. My friends now know that if an activity makes it to the white board they can count on me to attend....and probably even on time.

At the beginning of the month the girls help me decorate the board and set up the schedule. The kids enjoy seeing what is planned for each day and they often reminded me about upcoming events. My whiteboard calendar has relieved me of the job of remembering everything. In a time where there is so much going on, it is nice to know that there are somethings I don't have to remember. Maybe this month I will even try scheduling in date night!


  1. YEP! Another great idea!! We really need to do this. Especially as we try to incorporate life as well as Leif's schooling together. Thanks!! Love It!

  2. Great idea! We recently moved and put our boards in the kitchen on a small wall next to our pantry. I thought it was a great idea at the time since it was next to the mudroom and on the same wall with the security system panel. What I learned is that the wall, although in a busy room, is not entirely visible unless we walk halfway through the kitchen to actively look at the boards.

    This idea is just what I need and I will now be moving our boards to a larger wall in the kitchen that is visible from our family room and dining room. I think the setup pictured is just great!

  3. I use a date book for now. My kids are 3 and 6. I can see how this could be useful to the whole family as my children get busier and busier schedules themselves. Thanks!