Friday, February 19, 2010

Making Memories

Several years ago my mom stated that when she died she wanted her three daughters and their families to take some of their inheritance and go on a vacation to celebrate her life. After thinking about this wish she realized that she didn't want to be excluded from the party. She did not want to put off a wonderful experience and miss out on a precious opportunity. She realized that time is a precious commodity and every day a wonderful gift. Her wish changed and she decided to take each family on a dream trip while she was still in good health and great spirits.

Our family was the first to go on our dream trip. We spent months talking about where to go. The possibilities were endless and so were our imaginations. Finally, our family decided on a seven day cruise to the Caribbean. It is hard to describe how wonderful the experience was. The entire trip was magical! We snorkeled in Cozumel, swam with manta rays in the Cayman Islands, searched for shells on tropical beaches, and danced the night away floating on the open seas. Every day was an adventure! The best part for me was watching my children make memories with their grandmother. After the trip we put scrapbooks together for our family and my mom. The scrapbook sits on our coffee table and we look at it often, the pictures taking us back in time to sunny beaches and family fun. The memories of that trip will last a lifetime.

Now the party continues as my mom plans her next adventure with my sister's family. They leave in two weeks for a cruise to the Mexican Riviera where they too will experience exciting adventures and make unforgettable memories.

When you are a parent it is often difficult to get through the day, let alone make a memory. Life can be overwhelming and it becomes so difficult to stop and take time to make a wonderful memory. None of us know how much time we have on this earth. This incredible experience reminded me how precious life is and how a good memory can become priceless. As the saying goes, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life."

Each day we have an opportunity to be present in the lives of our friends and family. Take time to stop and enjoy the journey. Experience memories with your family because you never know what life has in store.

My wish is to take my children's families on a dream vacation one day. I don't know where we'll go, but the key is to take the time. Don't let the moments get away from you. Be a part of the party and be present for the experience. Making memories is too much fun to pass up!

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