Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Morning Coffee

Today my 12 year old daughter handed me a story she had written that is a spoof on the book If you give a Mouse a Cookie. It is amazing how true her words are. Makes you wonder if we ever really get anything done. Thought you would enjoy a look into my crazy life. Tomorrow I will make a plan to follow through with one thought before moving onto the next!

When you give your mom her coffee she’ll want a doughnut to go with it. She’ll look in the fridge and find the fish she was thawing for dinner. She’ll take out the fish and grease a pan. While greasing the pan she spots her computer. Seeing the computer reminds her she has to e-mail a friend back about summer camp. She hurriedly puts the fish in the oven and walks over to the computer. While typing she makes a spelling error which reminds her she promised to drill her daughter on the spelling words for the spelling b. She’ll grab the spelling list knocking a bill off of the counter. Picking up the bill she realizes it’s late. She’ll run back to the computer and close down the unfinished e-mail. While finishing up the bill two of her daughters get into a fight. She will run upstairs to stop the arguing. After a long lecture her eight year old points out that something smells like it’s burning, remembering the fish she’ll rush down the stairs cursing silently. By the time she gets down stairs the fish is a smoking mess. She’ll hurry to take it outside and trips over the boots scattered by the back door. She’ll set down the pan and starts to pick up the boots. While cleaning up the boots she finds a pair of dirty socks and puts them in the laundry. She realizes she needs to do a load of laundry before dinner. When she’s done with the laundry she sees her children playing in the back yard near the flower garden. She remembers that one of her new year’s resolutions was to grow a garden. She goes out to water the flowers still thinking about New Year’s resolutions. She’ll remember another resolution she made was to get in shape. Remembering the brochure for a running club she’ll go inside forgetting about the flowers. While online she discovers a running club near her area. She’ll pile the kids into the car to check it out. While driving to the fitness center she remembers she needs more milk and cheese at the grocery store and pulls into the parking lot of the grocery store. While in the parking lot she notices they have a sale in the nursery. She’ll buy the plants and head for home. When her husband gets home dinner isn’t ready, her promise to her daughter about spelling forgotten, the bill isn’t paid, the e-mail unsent, the burnt fish is still by the back door, the shoes not picked up, the laundry not done, the flowers are wilting, she forgot about the running club, there is no milk and cheese, and she never got the doughnut to go with her coffee. When the kids go to bed she heats up the coffee forgets about it, leaves it in the microwave and heads to bed determined to get more done tomorrow. And with that promise she falls asleep with her coffee still in the microwave ready for the morning reheat!


  1. Oh dear dear dear, that feels SOOO very Familiar!! Tell (A) that she is a very talented writer!!

  2. OMG! Did she do that all by herself????? That was truly amazing! And true for me thats for sure!!! Sometimes I wonder if anyone is even paying attention! That was awesome. Loved, it!

  3. I didn't even know she was working on it. Yes, it is all her doing. I just suggested the ending line about the reheat. Today I have been thinking about her story and how I am still going from one thing to the next. ahhhh the joys of being a mom!

  4. I love this story, and I think I love your daughters version of it even more. I can totally see myself in this. God Bless all us multitasking moms!

  5. I so love this. My kids (ahem--me) loved these books and now my grandkids want me to read the books to them. This is my favorite. Give your daughters kudos from me and make sure she keeps writing.