Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Towel off Excess Water Use

It is more and more common to see hotels encouraging guests to conserve water by re-using towels. Studies show that you can help a hotel conserve up to 40% of its water use by simply not having your sheets and towels changed every day.

I began wondering how I could bring this idea into my own home. I was struggling with an issue of wet towels on the floor. I was the daily maid responsible for picking up towels and then adding them to an ever growing laundry pile. If my kids couldn't find a towel, they just reached for a new, fresh towel adding more to my workload.

All this added up to more water, more electricity and more work for me due to my kids lack of responsibility. Our family came up with an idea that has solved the wet towel problem! Each week in our family meeting everyone picks out a new towel for the week. Our kids enjoy selecting a color and are learning to be responsible for taking care of that towel for an entire week. When the kids remember to hang their towel up to dry, they are the one who benefits from a clean smelling towel each day. Another great perk is when a parent sees a wet towel on the ground, the kids know exactly who the towel belongs to. No more picking up wet towels for mom and dad and our laundry pile is definitely smaller!

Do you have a helpful tip that can save parents time and energy? I would love to hear from you.


  1. On our towels we sewed on a string to make a loop and then put plastic hooks on the back of their bedroom doors. When they are done they just hang it on the hook to dry and then use again.

  2. For Christmas one year, all 6 of my kiddos was given a towel with their name embroidered on it. (For fun, I chose a different color of thread for each kid. Without even picking it up, I can tell by the color of thread who left their towel on the floor.) Tip:Buy a quality towel...ours are already snagging after 1 year. ALso find a small place that will put it on for only a few dollars.)